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Why should you join us?

Samdhup Technologies offers the strength and experience of a growing global corporation, complemented by its people-centric, local business model. Our community spirit is based on gathering knowledge, skills and experiences. Team collaboration is the key to individual development as well. Co-operation and interaction with senior consultants and clients help to meet individual development needs and help employees to achieve their career aspirations.
At Samdhup Technologies, we understand the stress and cut throat competition that employees face in today’s employment scenario and hence an association with a reliable brand like Samdhup Technologies would relieve you of all your earlier troubles and offer you a fresh outlook to the aspect of employment. You will be given the necessary social and credit identification required for bank account opening, acquiring loans, etc.

samdhup technologies

Temp staffing is the current mantra of HR managers across the globe as it is a win-win situation for the employer as well as the employee. Temps have more freedom and flexibility at work and get exposure to various industries. Some Temps earn more than some of their contemporary regular employees. Experienced and expert professionals are now opting for Temp jobs as they reduce stress and responsibility.
We are committed to your professional development and career advancement. We offer flexible personal training and coaching, internal and external education and a variety of classroom and web-based learning options. Our goal is to provide a rewarding and equality-based work place.

Why Samdhup Technologies in short?

Thinking about working for us?

Here are some reasons in short why you should choose Samdhup Technologies
  • We are best provider of professional technology services
  • We deliver on time and beyond the contract
  • Our employees are passionate, entrepreneurial, knowledgeable & unpretentious
  • Offer good working conditions with bonuses and benefits
  • We offer market adjusted salaries
  • We deliver high quality solutions
  • We are a good, safe and successful employer
  • We are known to be easy to work with, having world-class, entrepreneurial and dedicated resources, with a flexible and problem solving approach
  • We use our proven methodologies and processes & tools


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Software Developer:- “Thanks Samdhup Technologies for getting my dream job. Staffs are very cooperative.”
Shivam Kumar